Art of War 3: PvP RTS modern warfare strategy game

Art of War 3: PvP RTS modern warfare strategy game

2021-03-27 v 1.0.83 4 Strategy by Gear Games TRUSTED

Art of War 3: PvP RTS modern warfare strategy game .apk file info

  • App Version: 1.0.83 (33370 )
  • Updated Date: 2021-03-27
  • Apk Size: 119.05 MB
  • App Developer:Gear Games
  • Malware Check: TRUSTED
  • Android Version: 4.1.x and up
  • App Package: com.geargames.aow
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Description of Art of War 3: PvP RTS modern warfare strategy game

А unique classic real-time strategy game with direct control for true commanders who are not afraid to face the enemy in real-time PvP battles! For those who want to feel the thrill of victory over a live opponent! For those who can think like a strategist and act decisively in any battlefield situation! It’s no place for the timid!

Are you ready for the challenge, Commander?

Art of War 3: Global Conflict (AOW) - is a real-time strategy online game in the best tradition of old classic PC RTS games. Command, conquer and defeat your enemy on the battlefield! In this modern warfare game, you have to fight with other players in PvP battles, invent new combat tactics, develop your victorious strategies, and upgrade infantry, assault vehicles, tanks, navy, and air force to achieve supremacy over the enemy in battle.

The action takes place in the near future. The world is engulfed by a global conflict between two warring factions - the Confederation and the Resistance. Choose your side and fight shoulder to shoulder with other commanders to win in this World War. Take the side of the Confederation and protect the world from the red alert. Join the rebels and crush the global domination system

★ Epic real-time PvP and cooperative battles.
★ Thousands of players online from all over the world!
★ Classical RTS direct control system. You can control each unit directly!
★ Stunningly detailed 3D graphics will provide you with full immersion.
★ A variety of units and tactical abilities allow you to invent different victorious strategies.
★ Two warring factions, each with their own features, unique combat units, strengths, and weaknesses.
★ А big number of unit and building upgrades gives you ample opportunities to create your own unique and victorious army.
★ Continuous World War in which the clans fight each other for global domination.
★ А huge campaign for each faction, including dozens of hours of game time.

This online, real-time (RTS), modern war strategy game gives you the opportunity to feel like a battlefield general. Command, conquer, build your base, train infantry, produce assault tanks and armored vehicles, warplanes, and warships to defeat the enemy. Take part in the World War. Use superweapons and unleash your power! Join a clan with your friends and fight other clans to dominate the world. Bring your enemies to total annihilation!

We need you, General!

Art of War 3: Global Conflict is a multiplayer online game. It requires a constant, stable internet connection.


If you have problems while playing the app or you want to offer some interesting options for improving it, don't hesitate to contact us via [email protected] We look forward to reading your emails to make our games even better and more convenient for players.

What's New?!

In Art of War 3: PvP RTS modern warfare strategy game 1.0.83

In this version we have improved stability of the game and fixed some bugs with tournaments and PvP missions. We have also changed some steps of tutorial to improve new users' experience.

App Permissions

  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  • android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.VIBRATE
  • android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • com.geargames.aow.permission.C2D_MESSAGE
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  • org.onepf.openiab.permission.BILLING
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  • Benias Leul 10 May 19

    very nice game

  • Mr Robot Games 19 Apr 19

    Follow Mr Robot Games Store ????????️????

  • Shariff Jeter 17 Feb 19

    Love it the best RTS ive played I cant stop playing this good graphics.Good soundtrack..

  • Benias Leul 2 Feb 19

  • Hermann Konan 16 Dec 18

    Ce jeu permet aussi les duels contres d'autres camps

  • Omar Muhammad 22 Nov 18


  • Benias Leul 11 Nov 18

    I love it

  • Benias Leul 24 Oct 18

  • Morgan Plays 24 Oct 18

  • Benias Leul 22 Oct 18

  • Daniel Arlegui Mabasa 3 Oct 18

  • 17 Sep 18

    العبها من ايام نوكيا وجت على الجالكسي وفرحت وحملتها????????

  • Afnan Ulla Shareef 15 Sep 18


  • Asan Bah 1 Sep 18

  • Aziz Habash 26 Aug 18


  • Ali Alosh 9 Aug 18

    نرجو وضع اللغة العربية في التحديث القادم وشكرا

  • HagloHD 5 Aug 18


  • Charles Alexandre Teixeira De Souza 27 Jul 18

  • Muhamed Abd Alrahem 27 Jun 18

    روووعه تخبل ماكو مثل هاي العبه

  • JordanPA 22 Jun 18

  • Baudouin Reddington 7 Jun 18

  • Mario Raimondi 27 May 18

    Il gioco è ottimo! La storia e il combattimento PVP sono davvero interessanti! E poi il gioco non si blocca mai! Merita 5 stelle! Per farlo diventare ancora più bello si deve aggiungere qualche truppa ed edificio se possibile.

  • black taxi2012 26 May 18


  • Pro100serioga 24 May 18

  • Maxim Ali 14 Apr 18

    Amazing game

  • vladik 13 Apr 18

  • اندر دراغون 5 Apr 18

    والله حلوه جميله

  • mohemn games 5 Apr 18

    افضل لعبة زي جنرال واوووووو

  • علي العراقي 29 Mar 18

  • Saul No7 27 Mar 18


  • Reza reza 21 Mar 18

    گرافیک و سطح کیفیت و استراتژی های این بازی بی نظیره , bu çok iyi bir oyun beğendim gerçekten

  • 2 Feb 18

  • علي حامد 25 Jan 18

    اروع لعبة اسسنتراتيجة وشبيهة العبة جنرال 100%

  • Марат 8 Dec 17

  • ABDULLAH M.B 007 9 Nov 17


  • Jonas César 28 Aug 17

    Esse game é sensacional

  • Mostafa Ghazal 19 Aug 17

  • Jonas César 14 Aug 17


  • همام الأسدي 18 Jul 17


  • Rahem Rahem 18 Jun 17

    افضل لعبة

  • زيوني العراقي تت 17 Jun 17


  • غدي حرب 27 May 17



    con unos graficos espectaculares

  • Cam Sykes 8 Mar 17

  • Elvis Jostin Prado 25 Feb 17

    la aplicación tiene buenos gráficos y es muy entretenedor

  • SURAJ BINDAGE 22 Feb 17

    the game is not opening because it requires an update

  • Aptoide Bot 7 Feb 17

    Archive with all the comments made for this app

  • Profssier Emad 29 Dec 16

    very kind

  • Aptoide Bot 3 Nov 16

    Archive with all the comments made for this app

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  • ‫علي البغدادي‬‎ 12 Aug 18

    لو بيها عربي

  • ABDULLAH M.B 007 14 Nov 17


  • mhfu974 7 Feb 17

    ça fait longtemps que je le voulais ! je le recommande !

  • 3 Nov 16

    mantap nih game ????????????

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