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Description of 黎明覺醒-變態歸來



《黎明覺醒:變態歸來》加入了 720 度無死角戰鬥玩法,不論是遨遊於天空還是星辰大海,到處都可以變戰場,讓玩家離開地球表面的無重力空戰玩法,技能COMBO與飛行跳躍走位搭配,巧妙計算飛行體力、角度及高度,挑戰玩家的操控極限!海陸空三方霸主戰鬥一觸即發!

《黎明覺醒:變態歸來》提供玩家高畫質、高流暢度、最穩定的感受體驗及更純粹的 ARPG 冒險旅程。每位角色都擁有多達兩百多種的技能組合,不僅如此,玩家們還可以享受跨服 PVP 的零延遲匹配、微秒的無縫戰鬥動作銜接、極致擬真的攻擊和打擊回饋體驗,每場戰鬥都是一場極致的感官及視覺響宴。

體驗最真實的友情和愛情,和公會戰友共同冒險,遇上心儀的人攜手完成情侶副本共赴婚禮殿堂。戰鬥累了,甚至湖邊垂釣聊天、多種任務、活動、副本和公會祈禱,輕鬆自動掛機練等。為讓玩家有最私服的遊戲體驗,《黎明覺醒:變 態歸來》每星期全服贈送鑽石,從此遊戲不求人!



"Awakening of Dawn: Abnormal Return" is a perverted version of the classic mobile game "Light of Dawn". In addition to experiencing the refreshing combat operations in the original game, players can directly optimize and enhance the game experience of players, skipping the tedious and boring practice process. The experience and benefits gained by the amplitude increase are 200% UP, and the level is soaring.

Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lmzh.gameone/

[Super exciting! The experience of fighting monsters in the world has been greatly improved! 】
"Dawn Awakening: Return of Pervert" added a 720-degree dead-angle battle gameplay. Whether it's flying in the sky or the stars and seas, the battlefield can be changed everywhere, allowing players to leave the earth's surface in a gravity-free air combat game. The skill combo is matched with flying and jumping positions. Ingeniously calculate the flight strength, angle and altitude to challenge the player's control limit! The battle of the three-way hegemony of sea, land and air is about to start!

[Super cool! Infinite Combo ARPG Extreme]
"Dawn Awakening: Return of Pervert" provides players with high-quality, high-fluency, the most stable experience and a purer ARPG adventure. Each character has more than two hundred kinds of skill combinations. Not only that, players can also enjoy cross-server PVP zero-latency matching, microsecond seamless combat action connection, and extremely realistic attack and strike feedback experience. Every battle is an extreme sense and visual feast.

[Super interactive! Featured gameplay, give diamonds to full server every week]
Experience the most authentic friendship and love, take adventures with your guild comrades, and meet your favorite people to complete the couple's copy and go to the wedding hall together. Tired from the battle, even fishing and chatting by the lake, various tasks, activities, dungeons and guild prayers, easy and automatic hang-up training, etc. In order to allow players to have the most private game experience, "Awakening of Dawn: Return of Pervert" will give away diamonds every week, and the game will never ask for help!

[Super welfare! The superb attire login and send immediately]
In addition to the significant increase in the bursting rate in the game, the coveted God-level equipment is directly given to the player, so that the player can enjoy the highest intensity of the king's feeling, can not lose at the starting point, and have the strength to work hard at the beginning, no need to change the liver for equipment Experience the game experience mode of the class leader, join the adventure world crushed by the king!

--contact us--
Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lmzh.gameone/

※This game contains light fighting screens, which are classified as supplementary 12 levels according to the Republic of China game software classification management method.
※This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.

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3月16日 公測開始

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