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Pretty Makeup Cake Salon - Kids Dessert Games

v 1.4 1.4 com.beansprites.prettymakeupsalonFREE

Hair salon games : Hair styles and Hairdresser

v 1.8.3 1.8.3

3D Miniworld Puzzles

v 86 86 com.edujoy.miniworldpuzzles3d

Let's Learn.

v 2.14.0 2.14.0

Colouring Pages: Animals

v 1.1.3 1.1.3

Harmony City: Learn Chords

v 1.00.11 1.00.11 com.classplash.harmonycity

Main Street Pets Supermarket Games

v 1.3 1.3 com.beansprites.mainstreetmarketFREE

Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game

v 1.313 1.313 com.frojo.moy7

Chinese Food Restaurant - Lunar New Year Party

v 1.0.8 1.0.8 com.familykidsgames.chinesefoodrestaurant

ABC C Alphabet Learning Games

v 1.8c 1.8c com.thelearningapps.capp

Learning Colours Ice Cream Games - Colors Kids App

v 1.9c 1.9c com.thelearningapps.icecreamshop

Jet’s Bot Builder: Robot Games

v 1.1.1 1.1.1 org.pbskids.jetsbotbuilder

Fruit Learn Alphabet Games - Learning Fruits Name

v 1.7c 1.7c com.thelearningapps.learnalphabetswithfruits

Learn Sea World Animal Game-Name Puzzle Colouring

v 2.4c 2.4c com.thelearningapps.JourneytoSeaWorld

Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Book Apps - Kids Puzzles Games

v 1.8c 1.8c com.thelearningapps.firstpuzzlebook

Colouring Games For Kids - Doodle Coloring Book

v 1.8c 1.8c com.thelearningapps.mycoloringadventure

Guess The Picture Quiz Games - Guess Word Kids App

v 1.3c 1.3c com.paid.thelearningapps.guessthepicture

Math Times Tables Kids Games

v 1.1c 1.1c com.paid.thelearningapps.mathstimetable11to20

Learn times table for kids- Multiplication table

v 1.3c 1.3c com.paid.thelearningapps.mathtimestablesmultiplication

Learn Prepositions Quiz Kids

v 1.6c 1.6c com.paid.thelearningapps.preposition

Learning Adjectives Quiz Kids

v 1.7c 1.7c com.paid.thelearningapps.adjective

English Grammar Verb Quiz Kids

v 1.7c 1.7c com.paid.thelearningapps.verbs

Learn English Grammar Pronouns

v 1.6c 1.6c com.paid.thelearningapps.pronoun

English Grammar Noun Quiz Kids

v 1.8c 1.8c com.paid.thelearningapps.noun

ABC Kindergarten Learning Kids

v 1.7c 1.7c com.paid.thelearningapps.kindergartenactivities

C Alphabet Learning Kids Games

v 1.7c 1.7c com.paid.thelearningapps.capp

World Country Geography Kids

v 1.7c 1.7c com.paid.thelearningapps.countryapp

Learn Colors Ice Cream Shop

v 1.6c 1.6c com.paid.thelearningapps.icecreamshop

Zoo Animals Sound Kids Games - Name Colour Puzzle

v 1.6 1.6 com.paid.thelearningapps.visittozoo

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