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  • App Version: 1.0 (1 )
  • Updated Date: 2020-10-04
  • Apk Size: 5.3 MB
  • App Developer:Jinsoft Corp.
  • Malware Check: TRUSTED
  • Android Version: 4.2.x and up
  • App Package: com.taisoft.hwings
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Description of H-Wings

The game consists of 30 levels. You controls a robotic aircraft called the FX-1, and collects weapon power-up parts (called a "wing") to progress through the levels and ultimately destroy a series of enemy bosses at every end of the level.

D-Pad: Moves the FX-1
A: Fires a shot. Press rapidly for rapid fire
B: Releases your wings. Use this to change your current weapon.
Start: Pauses/Starts the game
Select: Morph Wing

You can move infinitely to the side. Move sideways for a certain distance and the entire surrounding will come back to you again, like a boomerang - everything goes in a loop here.

Wings can be equipped onto the FX-1 by collecting power-ups that corresponds to certain wings. Wings attaches to the ship's sides and each has different abilities.
When the player has no wing, the ship will simply shoot two small projectiles at the front. You can select one of the following wings at beginning:

Fire: Fires a jet of flames capable of destroying bosses quickly.
Cannon: Fires 3 projectiles in rapid succession, providing a machine gun effect.
Wide: Fires 5 projectiles that spread wider as they travel across the screen. If one shot hits an enemy, all other shots automatically disappear and are fired again.
Multi: Fires 3 projectiles that changes direction between 4 different angles.
Van: Fires 6 projectiles that travels for an extremely short distance, forming a defensive barrier.
Side: Fires 7 projectiles, 3 each to the left and right and 1 forward. It is required to destroy certain types of bosses and obstacles
ANTI: Fires 4 projectiles, 2 forwards and 2 backwards, allowing it to attack enemies coming from behind.
Hammer: Fires 2 projectiles in rapid succession and comes equipped with 2 rotating projectiles, shielding the ship from enemy attacks.
Jump: Fires 3 projectiles that is able to jump over any object and explode after traveling a certain distance. This is required to destroy solid obstacles.
DYNA: Fires a short-range beam that destroys all enemies on its path.

[Secret Wings]

There are 3 secret wings in the game, found underneath structures. These cannot be shot down, and if you pick it up, your wings will instantly be changed to the secret wing, regardless whether or not you release your wings.

This wing fires a large amount of Hammer shots, spreading in every direction - but it
has no shield. Hits everything at the side, back and front, making your life a bit easier,
and it certainly doesn't hurt your score either!

Ring Lasers:
Fires 2 Ring Lasers to the front that go through all opponents and beyond, destroying
everything in its way, and even has a Hammer-style shield to go with it. Great for
mowing down legions of enemies, but aren't powerful against bosses.

Like the Ring Lasers, the X-Ray cuts through all enemies, except that it fires 4 rays in
4 different directions simultaneously. Front, back, left and right are all covered. Oh,
like the Ring Lasers, the X-Ray also isn't great for taking out bosses.


Several items are scattered throughout the levels, usually hidden underneath certain obstacle structures or randomly flying around the screen. Certain items disappears when shot, while others will change its effect.

VOL: Allows the player to store spare weapons, which can be used anytime when pausing the game. This can only be used once, unless if one collects more than one VOLs. If shot, it turns into a useless umbrella.

Comet: Teleports the player four levels ahead, skipping any bosses at the cost of extra points. If shot, the item is destroyed.

Floating Wing: A random weapon that floats at certain intervals throughout a level. To obtain it, the attached flying pods must be destroyed to release the weapon.

Diamond: A floating diamond with a letter that changes randomly when shot. Each letter corresponds to a specific weapon when picked up.

Card Decks: Grants the player an extra life or additional protection for the ship.

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