Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival

2021-06-02 v 1.16.4 4 Action by K-MOBILE TRUSTED

Last Day on Earth: Survival .apk file info

  • App Version: 1.16.4 (700558 )
  • Updated Date: 2021-06-02
  • Apk Size: 51.89 MB
  • App Developer:K-MOBILE
  • Malware Check: TRUSTED
  • Android Version: 4.1.x and up
  • App Package: zombie.survival.craft.z
  • Support: Click

Description of Last Day on Earth: Survival

The survival shooter Last Day on Earth is set in a post apocalyptic world: in 2027 the world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all the human race. And it didn’t stop there. All those dead started turning into zombies and those few survivors that have resistance in their blood are trying to survive on the ruins of the once great world.

And now the survival of your character is only in your power! Keep an eye on your character’s life stats such as hunger and thirst, collect valuable resources for crafting, create weapons and transport of different types or use what you have at hand: a bat or a road sign. Everything will come in handy for killing dozens... hundreds…thousands of zombies!

Defeat intruders to your land not only with your power but also cunning – construct fortifications with traps or go raid other survivors’ territories for the sake of rare loot and resources. After all people can do anything to survive.

Hardcore fans will have plenty to do in tough seasonal locations. Before going to a desperate trip, equip your survivor with the most crushing weapon to hunt wild animals and destroy crowds of mutated zombies. One can reach seasonal location on a transport that’s available for crafting. Moreover if you pass the wall on the west of the map you will enter an online location where with a special costume on, you will be able to interact with other players.

Explore the large and deep-laid world of Last Day on Earth! Upgrade your hero, equip your house, loot abandoned territories, hunt wild animals and other survivors – the new world has new rules.

Will you survive in conditions like these? If so, what price are you ready to pay?

What's New?!

In Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.16.4

— Time to spot the most skillful survivor of our post-apocalyptic wasteland. Slow enemies down, deal critical blows and more damage - weapon mods with active skills are added to the game!

— Now you can try various modification assemblies, save the best presets and apply them with a single button. This will save you a bunch of time.

App Permissions

  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  • android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • android.permission.VIBRATE
  • android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • zombie.survival.craft.z.permission.C2D_MESSAGE
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  • zBiel Lok 18 May 19

    muito bom d+ adorei

  • Patricia.c. Manssur 15 May 19

    que merda eu acabo de abrir ele e fica falando não foi possível vc tem que comprar esse app

  • Cléssia J. Nascimento 8 May 19

    amo esse jogo só quer quando atualiza eu perco tudo começo do zero e por aqui não consigo atualizar precisa melhora isso

  • Agu Oietto 7 May 19

    me dice error en la descarga; es posible que no hayas comprado la app. Alguien que me ayude por favor

  • Александр Носов 6 May 19

    крутая игра! жалко что не полностью адаптирована под геймпад, а лишь частично, приходится дополнительно пользоваться мышкой.

  • Kauan Roberto 6 May 19

    eu quero saber pq quando agente vome ou toma agua a sede a baixa e morremos d sede, quando tomamos agua?

  • yosef Blaky 3 May 19

    I love this game

  • Ahmed Karadjuz 1 May 19


  • Roció Gomez 24 Apr 19

    Que buen juego bddbfngn sjdndnd

  • Bayar Tuvshin 23 Apr 19


  • Francisco Ricardo Nuñez Hernández 23 Apr 19

    Es muy weno

  • Oliwier Janecki 22 Apr 19

    epicka gra / epic game

  • DiamondFlaming Dragon 21 Apr 19

    Hi guys im the owner of the store andi just wanna say this app is a mega mod and it contains: -Magic Split -Free Craft -Free Build -Unlimited Weapon Durability -Unlimited Armor Durability -Unlimited Money

  • Anthony Rodriguezperez 16 Apr 19

  • WGmgwg Mygwyg 15 Apr 19

  • Paulo Intia Zoleta 14 Apr 19

    This is mod apk guy's

  • Mariana Epuran 13 Apr 19

  • Julia Zbieć 10 Apr 19

    zajebista gra

  • Maiza Nascimento 7 Apr 19

    eu instalei o jogo mas quando eu entro aparece fazendo download e depois fala download mal sucedido você não comprou esse jogo arrumem isso por favor ????????????????⚔

  • Nhat Anh Le 4 Apr 19


  • Ghego78 3 Apr 19

    This is the mod version

  • Mr Robot Games 2 Apr 19

    – Item Duplication – Free Crafting (Craft without required items) – Free Building (") – No Building Requirements (") – Free Upgrading (") – Infinite Weapon Durability – Infinite Armor Durability – Unlimited Coins – Unlimited Energy

  • Invalid228ru 29 Mar 19

    Топ игра

  • منال بوعود 26 Mar 19

    اللعبة ما بتشتغلي ارجو ايجاد حل لهذا المشكل

  • Данил 24 Mar 19

  • Alexandre 23 Mar 19

    el mejor juego otras personas lo an intentar copiar pero no lo superan

  • Jonatán 19 Mar 19

    hackel apk

  • Infected 17 Mar 19

    Esta es la versión de paga??? Por que yo tengo la versión 11.7 y está en beta,alguien que me diga

  • Ali GAMES 12 Mar 19

  • Layane Mendes Souza 9 Mar 19

    jogo mouito bom amei ????????????????

  • luiz daniel 9 Mar 19

    Galera já postei a nova att na minha loja e só seguir

  • Geovana Andrade 5 Mar 19

    o jogo tem dinheiro infinito?

  • denny 4 Mar 19


  • Mehemmed Ibrahimli 2 Mar 19

    çok iyi. asdgfhjklı.aszdxfcgvhbjn kmçlışəöoutüqqlükekfkfk ejcjekfkfk kg f vlekfkrlclrlrlglg.r r gkgltlcorkfçr f rock3ofot7b9e81ovonr t ofoeovoelfkr3 go o3lvo orovo o pr f o irovorofg 0çok iyi. güzel .

  • Mouhamed Ali 28 Feb 19

    لعبة ابو كلب

  • Radjdei Kalipersad 27 Feb 19

    this game is not good it cant sucesfully downloan it is a lol game

  • Jafeth Perez 24 Feb 19

    Buen juego

  • hackermaster 19 Feb 19


  • Hassan Fh 17 Feb 19

  • Arianny Keteli Martins 8 Feb 19

    depois que instalo o jogo e entro ele abre uma aba iniciando download aí para e diz download mal sucedido porque você não comprou este aplicativo



  • Fatafehi Muagututia 7 Feb 19

    man fuck this it doesn't work on my devise

  • Munkh Uchral Gansvkh 5 Feb 19

  • Nassernox 3 Feb 19

    Guys is it offline?

  • Susana Dourado 2 Feb 19

  • HGamerBR 31 Jan 19

    vlw man vc e foda

  • Coby Vage 30 Jan 19

    I like the guns

  • Salem Brebish 26 Jan 19

    Go to

  • Mayk Ruiz 25 Jan 19

    diganme como subir las aplicasiones

  • Ayse Cetin 25 Jan 19


  • Rafa Torres 19 Jan 19

    Me encanta chau al resien evil 7 Mola mas este juegaso esta muy Piola aguante este juego es muy bueno

  • antonio lamensa 18 Jan 19

    Non riesco ad installare, dice app non acquistata

  • shene rebwar 16 Jan 19

    prey day sirvaivl best one

  • Nicolas Escobar Trejos 7 Jan 19

  • AlexanderElrey Gonzalez 4 Jan 19

  • Agus Luquee 3 Jan 19

    No funciona

  • Luz Marina Martinez 30 Dec 18

    muy buena

  • Kenji BOYER THÉO 29 Dec 18

    Ça envoie sur une autre page et ça dit échec...

  • Bukary ???????????? 28 Dec 18

    Fuck this shit it doesn't work when you put it on the game Fuck it

  • Goo gle 28 Dec 18

  • Nahuel Castreje 28 Dec 18

    me encanta es la mejor app

  • Affle 25 Dec 18

    Muito bom, mais poderia ter a opção de se juntar com as pessoas

  • Sara Türel 25 Dec 18

    funktioniert das erste Mal und dann spinnt es

  • fernando jordi 23 Dec 18

    que chido no me lo puedo creer

  • Harlock Sosoke 19 Dec 18

    Shit this is y its a waste of time here is prof don't believe look up any of these NOT CRAFTABLE AK-47 C-4 Explosive Chemistry Station Clan Banner Electric Generator Electronics Lab Explosive Material Fishing Rod Hand pump Home Brewery Kevlar Body Armor Kevlar Boots Kevlar Helmet Kevlar Trousers Land Mine M16 Metal pipe Mi-24 Helicopter Military Backpack Mortar Radio Tower Repair Station S&W Magnum Safe Shotgun Tactical Backpack Tactical Body Armor Tactical Boots Tactical Cap Tactical Trousers The Dragunov Torture Device Trip Wire Trap Turret VSS Vintorez Wiring (though you can find these...) Zombie Truck

  • Gabriel pc 17 Dec 18

    Que jogos foda

  • Isabela Oliveira 15 Dec 18

    isso que é jogo é muito fonda cara

  • Samuel David Giraldo Osorio 14 Dec 18

    me gusto

  • Axel Aleman 14 Dec 18

    que ago lo actualice y me dice buscando recursos para descargar que puedo aser porfavor ayuda????

  • canal cinzento voutys 12 Dec 18

    cara nunca vi um jogo foda igual esse, e é beeeta

  • Lucas Alves 8 Dec 18

    e muito legal

  • Adriana Camacho 8 Dec 18

    muí chido

  • Erick Cabral 8 Dec 18

  • Jacopo Pregnolato 7 Dec 18

    THIS GAME IS MODDED MOD- infinite Money, free craft, unbreakeble Guns And armor

  • Velourdez Vasquez 6 Dec 18

  • mighty gaming aqmal 6 Dec 18

  • MrUpsetGameZ 1 Dec 18

    Free build XD

  • Béla Bede 30 Nov 18


  • Ysuf KZ 28 Nov 18

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  • Zulfikar Ali 28 Nov 18

    Guys check it out it is the Hack version of last day on Earth! ;)

  • Rayan Patchika 23 Nov 18


  • Victor Gabriel Da Silva Silva 22 Nov 18


  • Virtyt Malsiu 22 Nov 18


  • кирилл лебедев 21 Nov 18

    это полная версия?

  • roro 18 Nov 18

    this is the best game I played ever

  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

    esta buenísimo lo actualizo como pueda así veo su actualización :'3 me encanta un 5 le doy :3????????????????????

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  • sos 30 Apr 19

    Mabye cuz you died and lost the stuff?

  • Francisco Ricardo Nuñez Hernández 23 Apr 19

    Cómo que mejorar los bugs? Quieres que los bugs sean mejores? :v

  • Francisco Ricardo Nuñez Hernández 23 Apr 19

    Ha de ser porque lo instalaste en un teléfono fijo

  • Francisco Ricardo Nuñez Hernández 23 Apr 19


  • Francisco Ricardo Nuñez Hernández 23 Apr 19

    a mí igual

  • Dionatan Afonso 4 Apr 19

    como chama?

  • Matheus José 24 Mar 19

    qual é a marca

  • عبود البطوش 21 Mar 19

    كيف يعني روعه بس ما تشتغل متفهك

  • Martin Leyva 20 Mar 19

    oyes siempre se va a quedar asi porque lo tengo desde hace 2 años y lo an Actualizado

  • LegalComet33743 2 Mar 19

    no offline download it on playstore

  • SANKET Gaikwad 7 Feb 19

    this all stuff available on feature update ☺

  • DinoFire Tv 4 Feb 19

    ninguém perguntou a marca do seu celular

  • martin enrrique 9 Jan 19

    Los perros ya están, pero empiezan a aparecer despues del nivel 40 y para lograr obtener un perro acompañante tienes que cruzar a bastates perros y esperar que alguno salga con la habilidad de amigo fiel, yo soy nv 90 y ya tengo 4 con habilidad de amigo fiel

  • Altaa Tugsuu 30 Dec 18

    it's fackin not work

  • Harlock Sosoke 19 Dec 18

    I'm sorry cosmetics fuck fuck fuckity shity ass cunt hairs on my fucking ass wipping tittie sucking dilldo ass looking twat muffin cum licking shit eater oops I swore oh no.... Fuck you and your mother fucker

  • Noer Hadzlena 11 Dec 18

    do you serious ?? that apk pure have the download of last day??

  • Rafaelly Barbosa 4 Dec 18

    a idéia de gatos não é totalmente inútil, eles poderiam dar uma espécie de "bônus" em casadas ou na procura de animais selvagens ou um bônus para o próprio personagem tipo: correr mais rapido... eles poderiam até servir como uma distração contra zumbis ou como o próprio exemplo do minecraft, eles poderiam assustar/espantar um tipo de zombie específico. As probabilidades são infinitas, basta ter criatividade ;)

  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

    andate al infierno

  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

    lo siento compa :'v

  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

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  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

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  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

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  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18


  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

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  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

    lo mismo digo

  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

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  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18


  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18


  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

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  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

    usted, es de mi tipo????

  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

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  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18


  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

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  • Hugo Leandro Benitez 17 Nov 18

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  • zhongjk 24 Oct 18


  • Дмитрий Климушкин 23 Oct 18

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  • 22 Oct 18

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  • ابولارين لارين 3 Oct 18

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  • angelina oliveira 24 Sep 18

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  • Mahmad Abdo 23 Sep 18

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  • gamer kings 13 Sep 18

    à ben installe le sure play store ou app store

  • ZigZagXVIII 13 Sep 18

    C'est la bonne version mais c'est un hack

  • Alan Trobiano 6 Sep 18

    me pasaba :,(

  • myo thit 4 Sep 18

    last day on Earth:survivial

  • Zark Juegos y más 1 Sep 18


  • Zark Juegos y más 1 Sep 18

    puta tu madre

  • Visesio Sivi 30 Aug 18

    pareil pour moi

  • Visesio Sivi 30 Aug 18

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