Learn Spanish for Beginners: Learn Spanish Basics

Learn Spanish for Beginners: Learn Spanish Basics


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  • App Version: 15.0 (15 )
  • Updated Date: 2020-10-04
  • Apk Size: 23.65 MB
  • App Developer:SilverParticle Solutions
  • Malware Check: TRUSTED
  • Android Version: 4.0.3 and up
  • App Package: com.spanishlistener.spanish
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Description of Learn Spanish for Beginners: Learn Spanish Basics

This application makes Spanish learning so easy - it uses a wonderful concept - SMART AUTOMATED REPETITION.


Just click on a PLAY button and an entire lesson will start running in front of you, while the corresponding Spanish pronunciation. More of learning with less effort is the motto of this application. We have made things so simple for you! This is how you can use this application for learning Spanish:

1. There are 18 different lessons that we have created for you. Each lesson teaches you a different aspect of the Spanish language.
2. Select any one Spanish lesson that you want to learn from this app and open it.
3. As soon as a lesson opens, you will see that there are three buttons provided at the top of the page.
4. These three buttons are PLAY, PAUSE, and STOP.
5. You simply have to click on the PLAY button to start learning that lesson.
6. Clicking the PLAY button will start running the Spanish content for you.
7. One by one, elements of the Spanish content in your lesson will scroll up, placing itself in front of you. You will also be provided with the corresponding English for every Spanish content piece.
8. Correspondingly, the Spanish pronunciation will also play out for each of these successive Spanish content pieces/ elements.
9. The more you play these Spanish content pieces, the more is the repetition of this lesson content for you - in both audios as well as visual formats.
10. The more you repeat and revise the better are the chances of memorizing the content.
11. Hence, as you see, you will have this application doing a lot of tasks for you. You simply need to click the play button and start paying attention to the contents which will run in front of you. Thus more of learning with lesser manual efforts.
12. This is the kind of technology that this application offers you for both Spanish learning as well as Spanish speaking.
13. You can use the PAUSE button for halting the flow of the Spanish content. You can resume by again clicking on the PLAY button.
14. You can use the STOP button if you want to stop playing the content and take a break.
15. You can also use the manual method for learning Spanish with this application. Simply click on the individual Spanish content pieces or elements, which are encapsulated within separate boxes. This will play the pronunciation of the corresponding to the Spanish that you are learning. The English meanings are also provided alongside.


This application contains 18 lessons for Spanish learning from English. Each chapter covers a different facet of Spanish language learning. Generally, you can target learning basic Spanish between 7 to 12 days. This English to Spanish learning app can be a great learning tool for you. Your Spanish pronunciation can also be improved.

This English to Spanish Speaking app will help you get a grasp of the subject in a comparatively short span of time. We have tried to provide the best quality content with the content on vocabulary. Just go through your Spanish lessons and concentrate on the carefully chosen content.

These lessons are good for absolute beginners as well. You need not have any prior knowledge of Spanish for studying Spanish using this application. If you want to learn to speak Spanish, you can go ahead with this app. You will start getting a basic grasp of the Spanish vocabulary as well. Meanings of the different words used in Spanish sentences are provided separately. In the long run, you can even learn how to speak Spanish fast. You will learn Spanish from English for free here.

What's New?!

In Learn Spanish for Beginners: Learn Spanish Basics 15.0

This application teaches you Spanish on the basis of an important principle - audio-visual repetition. You need to just press the Play button and an entire lesson will be played for you in a sequential way. You have to click the Play button and, one after the other the Spanish content in that lesson will start scrolling and coming before you! The corresponding Spanish audio content will also start playing automatically. This is a truly innovative technique. Just go ahead and enjoy the learning!

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