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  • App Version: 1.0.237 (237 )
  • Updated Date: 2022-12-06
  • Apk Size: 63.08 MB
  • App Developer:NetEase Games
  • Malware Check: TRUSTED
  • Android Version: 4.1.x and up
  • App Package: com.netease.mrzhna
  • Support: Click

Description of LifeAfter

LifeAfter Season 5: Powers of Mutation has been unleashed!
An all-new infected species threatens the world of LifeAfter.
Harness the power of the Source to supercharge your gear, then bring the fight to the infected.
In this forbidden city adrift at sea, the balance of power is about to shift -- get ready!
-The Vast Open World Expanded-
The frontiers of the Doomsday World expand again. Survivors set sail to explore five mutated seas, each of which is characterized by its main feature—crystal, fog, filth, fire, and vortex... These mysterious and dangerous seas are waiting to be conquered.
From snow mountain to beach, from forest to desert, from swamp to city... The vast Doomsday World is full of crises, yet offers endless possibilities. Here, you need to scavenge resources, build infrastructure, fend off zombie invasions, and build your own shelter.
-Keep Hope Alive-
When the doomsday came, zombies took over the world, collapsing social order and turning the familiar world unrecognizable. With the zombies craving human settlements, the harsh climate and scant resources, it’s hard to get by. In the doomsday seas, there resides even more dangerous new Infected and colossal mutant creatures that can sink boats effortlessly…...
Danger is all around. You must keep calm and live on by any means necessary!
-Make Survival Friends-
You’ll encounter other Survivors during your doomsday exploration.
Maybe you’re tired of all the zombie crying and night wind howling when you’re traveling alone. Try to open up, break bread with friends, talk all night long, and piece by piece create a peaceful shelter together.
-Experience Half-Zombie Survival-
The organization Dawn Break claims that human still has a chance after being bitten by zombie—to live as a "Revenant", abandon the human identity, appearance and abilities, and change forever.
It sounds risky, but what would you choose if it’s matter of life and death?

What's New?!

In LifeAfter 1.0.237

[White Valentine's Day]

March 14 to March 27, May you all have a great time during this White Valentine's Day Event!

1. Sweet Drills: Open Sweet Drills in the Caravan Training and invite friends to join.

2. White Valentine's Special Outfit - Loud Lust available!

3. Get 1 White Rose Seed daily during the event, plant them to get White Roses.

4. Spring Group Sale will be available from March 21 to March 27.

App Permissions

  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  • android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
  • android.permission.BATTERY_STATS
  • android.permission.BLUETOOTH
  • android.permission.CAMERA
  • android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE
  • android.permission.DEVICE_POWER
  • android.permission.FLASHLIGHT
  • android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE
  • android.permission.GET_TASKS
  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS
  • android.permission.POST_NOTIFICATIONS
  • android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED
  • android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO
  • android.permission.VIBRATE
  • android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS
  • com.netease.mrzhna.permission.ngpush
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  • Mareș Andrei 5 Aug 19

  • مكروس المهاجر 30 Jul 19

    العبه جميله جدا جدا

  • Brandon Delgado Echeberria 28 Jul 19

    no se puede descargar

  • Sai Min Htet 12 Jul 19


  • Ventino Alexsandra 27 Jun 19


  • Saba Sheyiladze 19 Jun 19


    I love this app has cool graphics and it's open world I never play this kind of game its sooo cool bro u devs should get 100 stars bro keep seeing cool stuff bro cant wait and enjoying this game



  • Alkhaled Taim 28 May 19

    اللعبة راءعة و أنصح تحميل

  • superdude yay 18 May 19

    does not download

  • Dénes Tamás 14 May 19

    elindul de érthetetlen szöveg vmit le akar tölteni de nemlehet

  • مشتاقه لعطر امي 4 May 19


  • Angel Josue 29 Apr 19

    El juego cuando comienza se mira bien aburrido y cuando va subiendo de nivel se mira más mejor les dijo que los d3scargen esta bien masivo por eso le doy las 5 estrellas esta bien el juego

  • Mr Robot 22 Apr 19

    Follow Mr Robot Games Store ??️?

  • Юрий Большаков 17 Apr 19

  • Kristupas Alseika 6 Apr 19

    nice this is best game

  • 4 Apr 19

    God game

  • kajus kartanovicius 1 Apr 19


  • Milos Simoncic 25 Mar 19

  • MyUsernamesThis 24 Mar 19

    this game sucks cuz it dosent download

  • Eduardo Corrales Montero 23 Mar 19

    no me gusta

  • Dadosss 19 Mar 19

    fuck i accidentaly gave 4 stars

  • heesn ail 15 Mar 19

  • Gusttavo gamer0621 15 Mar 19

    Pq eu esse jogo n instala de uma estrela por n abaixar vc é um bosta

  • Collectives APK 14 Mar 19

    Will do..many tv's.??????

  • Xiii Drezxo 13 Mar 19

    good game keep adding new cool fun stuff pls

  • Qwerty Kivi 12 Mar 19

    доходит до 99% а потом пишет ошибка попробуйте снова а потом скидывает до 50% и так каждый раз!!!!:-(:-\ :'(

  • Женя Сикерин 9 Mar 19

    Почему я скачиваю она только да 50 доходит

  • aingeru navas 8 Mar 19

    Pq no esta en play store españaaaaaa??

  • Aung Gyi 8 Mar 19

    cool game and good game try it I look minecraft

  • Abdul Putra 6 Mar 19

    saya coba dulu kloq bagus entar tambah lagi

  • Ilia Kirvalidze 3 Mar 19

    после 50 не двигоетсо

  • Petr Filip 2 Mar 19

    An amazing game, finally in English language. It reminds me a lot of Resident Evil.

  • Petr Filip 2 Mar 19

    An amazing game, finally in English language. It reminds me a lot of Resident Evil.

  • Tuga Free... 1 Mar 19

    Life After (full game)

  • Bruno Br 17 Feb 19

    klho bom dms vey

  • lolbit 25 Jan 19

    it's so good. surviving the apocalypse is hard. this has great graphics and detail. I like the idea of multiplayer because you can survive from a partner to a hole server. it's really good and I highly recommend this game.

  • mouad le boss abonné toi 23 Jan 19


  • Abd Elrahman Ahmad 4 Jan 19

    its good

  • Ariana Ximena 3 Jan 19

    me encanto es lo mejor pero quiero que se actualidad solo cuando haya una actualización pero me gusto???

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  • ImanM7 ._. 20 Jun 19

    So, is this app Trusted?

  • Fernando Lo 19 Mar 19

    Suck my dick

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