Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

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Description of Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Brushing your Teeth:

It might have been a habit taught to you by elders when you were still rebellious and carefree, which you might have forgotten completely till you developed complaints of bad breath. However, if you can get back to your basics and set things straight at the elementary level, brushing your teeth should be the first home remedy for bad breath that you should resort to. Remember that food particles that stick between your teeth, as well as other candy or chocolates that would smear your teeth in sugar, are natural recipes for bad breath, and developing a regular habit of brushing your teeth twice a day would be among the prime home remedies for bad breath. It would not only aid as a prevention tool and cure for bad breath, but would also ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy for a long while to come.
Rinsing your Mouth
So, what could you do when you do not have a tooth brush and paste handy and would want to minimize scope for bad breath? it all around your mouth and spit it out for fresh feel especially after your meals.

Carry a Toothbrush:
That doesn’t cost much to do either, given that all it takes is some mindful action on your part to carry a toothbrush and mini-toothpaste with you, especially when you know you have an appointment, a meeting or a date waiting for you.

Salt Water:

Salt water is among one of the universal home remedies for bad breath and for a lot of other ailments. In the case of bad breath, you need to gargle warm water, with adequate and tolerable amount of rock salt, added to it. Salt has the inherent capacity to nullify bacteria and to sterilize the area that it is exposed to. Regular gargling of warm water and salt every morning immediately after you brush your teeth and every night before you go to bed is a useful and effective home remedy for bad breath.

Mint Leaves:

Mint generally refers to spearmint, which is a flowering plant with a host of health benefits. Mint has traditionally been used to treat infections in the chest as well as of the stomach, while mint leaves have been powdered and used in the ancient ages to whiten teeth.

Yoghurt and Buttermilk:

Yoghurt, and its dilute cousin, butter milk, are known widely for their goodness for the health and the digestive system

Fenugreek Seed Tea:
Another natural remedy for bad breath is to consume Fenugreek seed tea on a regular basis. Fenugreek seeds are available as whole dried seeds as well as powder, which are known for their health benefits in aiding digestion and in treating digestion problems.
A simple home remedy for bad breath would be to chew a piece of clove. Clove is known for its strong flavor and has been extensively used in Indian cuisine for its aroma as well as health benefits of clove. Of.

Another natural remedy for bad breath features lemon, the commonly available citrus that is refreshing and enticing. As mentioned earlier, you could drink Fenugreek tea for bad breath, and you could also add a tinge of lemon for taste and freshness, even as lemon acts in eliminating bad breath

Another natural remedy for bad breath is cardamom, the herbal spice known for its strong and peculiar aroma. Cardamom is widely used in cooking, to add flavor and fragrance to dishes, and it has widely accepted medicinal properties.
Fennel Seeds

Fennel Tea

Given the goodness of fennel seeds on the digestive system and its usefulness in treating bad breath, you could also opt for fennel tea, where you could heat up a few fennel seeds in water, filter out the seeds and use the solution as herbal mouthwash, turning out to be an effective home remedy for bad breath.

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