TOTAL ASSAULT: Fight to Death

TOTAL ASSAULT: Fight to Death
2022-08-07 v 1 0 Action by App Reactor TRUSTED

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  • App Version: 1 (4 )
  • Updated Date: 2022-08-07
  • Apk Size: 132.55 MB
  • App Developer:App Reactor
  • Malware Check: TRUSTED
  • Android Version: 5.0 and up
  • App Package:
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Description of TOTAL ASSAULT: Fight to Death

The world is being overrun by zombies, mutants and unthinkable hideous monsters. On top of that what is left of the human military force has been sent to wipe out every living or living dead being still walking the streets. But you are not alone against all this. Rally fighters from the surviving civilians to battle alongside you and bring the fight to your enemies!

You are not up against just brainless zombies on march towards you but also clever mutants armed with fire projectiles and army commandos clearing the streets from survivors with the help of attack helicopters and combat tanks.,
Face the living dead, freaky creatures and the human soldiers sent to kill every survivor with a handful of warriors you recruit from the civilians.
Intense zombies vs commandos battles! Let them kill each others and take out the last remaining units. You could also give a hand to the losing side...
Join an adventure of a combination of third person shooting and hardcore tactics. As endless waves of zombies, brutes, beasts and mutants storm towards your outnumbered gang, fire at the cars, barrels and anything near them that explodes. Some of the runners are easy to take down with just a couple of bullets but at later stages you encounter ogres and behemoths
When facing the military grunts you must resort to tactical thinking and guerrilla assault warfare. Move from cover to cover and smoke out your opponents from their hideouts with grenades and other explosives.
You are not alone fighting the hordes of beasts but during your journey you meet and rescue others who have survived the massacre and decided to start killing the enemy with an any weapon they could find. Protect them and they will follow you and add their firepower to the war against the invaders.
Collect variety of weapons: sub machine gun, shotgun, rifle, flame thrower, bazooka, grenades...
Kill the enemies with other clever ways like luring them to step on a land mine or running under a speeding car
Witness beautiful ragdoll physics at play, whether it's an undead getting hit by a buss and flying across the street or a squad of soldiers sent to their deaths by a grenade blast.
★ Thrilling and cool third person gun combat in the post-apocalyptic city streets and forest environments.
★ Versatile missions: base defense, civilian protection, direct assault, cover shooter
★ Precise and super smooth third person camera action FPS controls
★ Realistic full body ragdoll physics, car crashes and total destruction
★ Computer controlled armed human bots fighting the war on your side
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