Universal Unit Converter: Easy Unit Converter FREE

Universal Unit Converter: Easy Unit Converter FREE

2020-07-01 v 1.0 0 Tools by CreativeCatAppDevs TRUSTED

Universal Unit Converter: Easy Unit Converter FREE .apk file info

  • App Version: 1.0 (1 )
  • Updated Date: 2020-07-01
  • Apk Size: 1.35 MB
  • App Developer:CreativeCatAppDevs
  • Malware Check: TRUSTED
  • Android Version: 4.0.3 and up
  • App Package: io.creativecat.universal_unit_converter
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Description of Universal Unit Converter: Easy Unit Converter FREE

There are a lot of unit conversion apps on the market. However, most are inconvenient and difficult to use because of poor and complicated UI.
This app has intuitive and simple UI, that is designed for casual user like you.

Trust me. :)

Easy to use universal unit converter with the ability to convert most of the day to day usage of units to your requirements.

This application becomes of utmost usage for professionals, students and teachers. Converting units is very easy just select the units and enter your value.

Universal Unit Converter: Easy Unit Converter FREE

• Completely free.
• Beautiful UI.
• Instant Conversion as you type.
• Convert to all units simultaneously.
• Built•in calculator.

Units which can be converted:
• Angle
• Area
• Binary
• Currency
• Current
• Data
• Density
• Flow
• Force
• Fuel
• Length
• Power
• Prefix
• Pressure
• Radiation
• Speed
• Temperature
• Time
• Torque
• Voltage
• Volume
• Weight
• Work
• Material design
• Elegant UI
• Swap units
• Clear value
• Decimal and number format settings
• Currency exchange
• Phone and Tablet support
• Copy / Paste functionality.
• Daily updated foreign currency rates
• More than 1500 units of measurements in 79 categories
• Hiding of unwanted units
• Adding of user•defined units and categories
• Adjustable precision and format of result
• Simple use
• Abbreviations of units
• Customization of app layout
• Mass/weight (kilograms, pounds, tons etc.)
• Length (inche, feet, kilometer, yard etc.)
• Area (square kilometer, hectare, square yard, square miles etc.)
• Volume (liter, teaspoon, tablespoon, pint etc.)
• Temperature (celsius, fahrenhit, kelvin etc.)
• Energy (electron volts, kilojoule,food calories etc.)
• Speed (kilometers/hour, miles/hour, knot, mach etc.)
• Time (second, minute, hour, day etc.)
• Power (kilowatt, horsepower, BTUs/minute etc.)
• Data size (bit, byte, kilobit, kilobyte etc.)
• Currency (US dollar, CDN dollar, pound, peso, etc)
• Temperature (celsius, fahrenheit, kelvin, etc)
• Length (kilometer, miles, meter, yard, feet, etc)
• Mass/Weight (kilogram, pound, ounce, ton, stone, etc)
• Speed (km/h, mph, knot, etc)
• Area (square kilometer, square mile, hectare, acre, etc)
•Currency Converter • now supports 162 world currencies with latest exchange rates
•Bit Coin conversion • Latest Bit coin Exchange rates and conversion with all major world currencies
•Offline Currency Converter feature lets you to convert all the world currencies without connecting to the internet.
• Has the highest number of unit conversion categories among all other unit converters.
• Now you can add a Unit converter Widget to your home screen and convert all the units without opening the application
• Now added Financial Calculators and Mathematical Calculators along with other unit converters.
• Time Zone Calculator with day light savings and accurate time differences calculations.
• Has most important conversion tools that are used in daily life including Fuel Calculations, Temperature, Volume, Speed, Weight, Computer Storage, Angle, Power, Viscosity, Force, Energy, Torque, Density and much more…
• Has Engineering conversion tools like radiation, electric resistance, electric capacitance, inductance, inertia, specific heat density, specific heat capacity, and illumination.
• Built•In Calculator to perform basic arithmetic operations on the fly while using the unit converter.
• Built•In Search functionality.
• Supports both Metric and Imperial Units
• A Feature to add and customise Favourite Units.
• A Feature to add your own Custom Unit Conversions.
• Financial calculators
• Loan calculator, Compound interest calculator, Retirement calculator, Service tax calculator, Stock calculator
• Maths calculators
• Roman numeral converter, Number base converter, Number series generator, Ratio, Fraction, Proportion, etc..
• First ever Unit Conversion App to feature and support Latest Material design.
• All the cool features for available absolutely free of cost

What's New?!

In Universal Unit Converter: Easy Unit Converter FREE 1.0

Simple and easy to use currency and unit converter app to handle any conversion you need.

With 41 categories and more than 800 units and currencies you will get a very handy tool.

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